Let's see if this still works

I think I'm all done with the pictures of Beijing. I've been living in Nanning for the past year and a half and I'm really behind on my photos. Pictures to come of:
Longsheng rice terraces
HK/ Macau

Let's start with some pictures of street food in Nanning. Much like the street food in Beijing, theres are a great variety of things to eat. The most shocking was the crocodile (maybe alligator?) which has a consistency similar to fish. Not bad though. You can also see some stinky tofu, pigeons and what I think are some sea snails. The snails are pretty weird to eat, you put on some plastic gloves and get a toothpick to pull out the snail from its shell. You can then eat the meat but be careful not to eat too much of it, as there is a division which can be noticed, and I was told it is the beginning of its digestive tracks... You get extra points for sucking the juice from it, but I'm too worried about biting the wrong thing. Anyways, I'll add more photos later, I've been liking to edit them on my iphone recently.

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